New piece up in 5 Pointz! “The Plague Doctor”

This week I had the honor of painting in the legendary graffiti spot 5 Pointz, where I did a piece featuring a plague doctor, who were doctors in Old Europe who attempted to cure people from the bubonic plagues and other horrible illnesses. They famously wore bird-beaked masks filled with nice-smelling incense in order to avoid catching the plague, as they believed that foul odors caused the sickness. Unfortunately for them this was not the case, and many died. Next to him I painted a dying or dead guy in a shopping cart. The meaning of all this? I have some ideas, but I leave it to the viewer to interpret…

5 Pointz is in Long Island City, Queens, NYC, one of the world’s most famous graffiti locations with hundreds of pieces that continuously  rotate as new artists come to paint over the older work. Visit this amazing cultural landmark while you can, as it’s scheduled to be turned into condos in this “up-and-coming,”– AKA gentrifying– neighborhood of NYC. Channel 2 News did a story on it, which I was interviewed for:

Graffiti Artists Ready To Fight To Save Iconic ‘5Pointz’ Building In L.I. City

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