In these divisive times, we must open our eyes to each other’s humanity! Mural in Planada, an agricultural immigrant community in the Central Valley of California.


Short feature by Newsy introducing Artolution, the non-profit organization Joel co-directs. 


Collaborative community project with immigrant communities in the Central Valley of California:


Joel worked with 7 inspiring change-makers on a giant digital public art project for Microsoft’s 2016 holiday commercial:


Video by Daniel Vesen of Joel’s recent Adding Color to Lives international series, especially focusing on the project in Krakow, Poland with teens from two local groups homes. Partners included Park Inn, Klub Jedrus Nowa Huta and 101 Murali.


CNN feature on Joel’s work with Syrian refugees with the organization he co-directs, Artolution:


Short film by Espen Solli about Joel’s recent project at an Oslo youth center for the Adding Color to Lives initiative with Park Inn and Huset Kløfta:


Time-lapse video of mural on the legendary Village Underground in London for the Street Child Summit, 2015:


Time-lapse video of Joel’s recent project in Krakow, Poland with teens from two local groups homes. With partners Park Inn, Klub Jedrus Nowa Huta and 101 Murali for the Adding Color To Lives youth arts initiative.


Time-lapse video of mural by Joel and Chris Soria in Bushwick, Brooklyn 2015:


Trailer for “My Tribe is Kenya” documentary film about the Kibera Walls for Peace project in Nairobi, Kenya 2013:


Short film by Daniel Vesen about Joel’s youth project in Malmö, Sweden for the #AddColourToLives initiative with the Park Inn hotel and Fryshuset youth center:


Short video about the Cape Town, South Africa mural arts project with local youth from the 9 Miles Project:


The Peace Train! Nairobi, Kenya: News feature on Arise TV about the Kibera Walls for Peace Project:


Feature about Joel’s work by Sahar Sarshar from Voice of America, 2013:


Time-lapse video of Baltimore Lion piece, 2012:


Video for the “Street Art with Street Kids” project in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil in 2012:


Time-lapse video of “A New Ma’at” in Bushwick, Brooklyn, 2012:


Time-lapse video of “Ganesha” in DC, 2012:


Joel being interviewed on Cuban TV for an arts talk show (in Spanish) 2012:


Time-lapse of Joel remixing Felipe’s Story mural on DC’s BloomBars, 2012:


Al-Jazeera English news piece on the Global Refugee Mural in 2009:

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