Miami: Wynwood Walls

IMG_4915 (1)

In December I finally made it to Miami for the Art Basel Festival, where I stayed with fellow Brooklyn-based artists and friends Chris Soria and Marc Evan. I spent the week in the street art mecca, Wynwood, where I met dozens of incredible artists from around the world as well as local Miami artists, and was truly inspired by the sheer quantity of mind-blowing work. As seems to be my habit, I ended up making friends with a bunch of Brazilians, mostly graffiti artists from São Paulo, and spent much of the time running around with them. Of course, I couldn’t leave without leaving my mark, and after several days of failing to find a wall (it’s not easy!) I landed one in the parking lot of studio space. I collaborated with NYC artist Iliana Price on a piece that features a man grabbing hold of a mandarin fish, which cannot live in captivity. We humans feel compelled to own, to conquer, to exploit for our own purposes. Instead, we should live in harmony with our natural environment and learn to appreciate beauty without need to put it in a glass bowl.

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