Cape Verde, West Africa: “Na Terra de Cabral”


Cape Verde 2011 youth arts project

Joel spent the first couple months of 2011 in this West African island nation at the invitation of the national cultural center, Palâcio da Cultura. It was here that he began developing his “Expressive Group Painting” approach in which the youth are given a specific color scheme and are allowed to express themselves though words, drawings and abstract expressions. They loved it, and used their creativity to fill in the entire background of the mural. This background was incorporated into the main images of the mural. The themes of each piece, the imagery, and the poetry were chosen by the kids themselves in workshops he conducted with them prior to painting. Joel’s residency included an exhibition and presentation of his work at the cultural center, public art projects with a school and youth center, workshops with local artists and a series of solo murals.

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