Gdańsk, Poland: “Between Two Worlds”

IMG_5812In September of 2011, Joel headed to this historic city on the Baltic Sea to lead a series of art workshops with children and teens in a working class community, in partnership with the local youth organization Centrum Wspierania Partycypacji Społecznej (Social Participation Support Center). Utilizing the “expressive group painting” approach to community art, the participants all added their personal contributions to the background of the artwork. The main imagery was based on the stories of local residents who were interviewed for the project. Their stories were published on a blog created to accompany the murals. Funded by the European Union and the City of Gdańsk.

“An accountant by day but anarchist by night; a transgender woman who creates eccentric and creative masks in her small apartment; a dedicated teacher whose free spirit was inspired by a group of traveling circus performers who she once welcomed into her home… These are a few of the many stories from Wrzeszcz, a working-class community in the city of Gdańsk, Poland, on the Baltic Sea…”

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