Green Empowerment: Mexico

IMG_0197In 2012 Joel collaborated with the Mexican organization IRRI, the International Institute of Renewable Resources (Instituto Internacional de Recursos Renovables), which focuses on green technologies and sustainable development in low-income rural and urban communities. The project included educational workshops and murals with the traditional Huichol indigenous people in the mountains of Jalisco and in a school in a marginalized neighborhood of Mexico City. Joel turned the “Paz Paz Bus” into a work of art, which IRRI will now use to travel around the country, bringing their social projects and healing art programs to dozens of villages and cities. Joel participated an IRRI arts program in the Children’s Hospital of Mexico City, where he worked with child cancer patients and other kids with serious illnesses. He also created a series of paintings reflecting IRRI’s themes of water conservation, the preservation of Indigenous culture, sustainable small farming, and support for children with serious diseases.

About IRRI

IRRI’s mission is to promote programs, communities and businesses that produce sustainable goods and services and help reduce reliance on fossil fuels. IRRI supports rural and low-income communities with the objective of improving the quality of life through generating, developing, and conserving local resources. IRRI’s vision is sustainable and equitable prosperity in world without contamination.

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